Geri Medway NWS, WWW  

......and from the moment that brush meets paper or canvas...............a very special magic begins to take place!”

My primary medium is watercolor because of the transparency and brilliance that I can achieve with this paint. This medium enables me to put on paper, a translation of the way I react to nature and objects, seeing their patterns, colors and light. I layer color upon color  (perhaps up to 12 layers of transparent paint) to achieve a richness, vibrancy and glow that enables the light to pass through the many layers of color and bounce back off the archival cotton paper to the viewer’s eye - creating that sparkle and glow!

My painting process begins well before I step into the studio. Inspiration starts outdoors, where I explore natural settings, from neighborhood creek trails to the rain forests of Hawaii and disparate landscapes of California. Every outing offers many possibilities for painting. I seek out light, patterns, and the beauty of “the mundane;” and take inumerable photos.

Back in the studio, the photos serve as visual reference for developing the subject and composition for the painting. I use varied techniques and the transparent qualities of watercolor to create the vibrancy, saturation, and depth of color for which my work is known. The creation process for every watercolor—and now more recently acrylic and oil painting comes from a desire to share my vision of the incredible glory of nature.

Always enjoying the painting process, I have entered an experimental phase, (although not disregarding my current methods,) because I enjoy the challenges of a new way of applying paint. I am endeavoring to grow, so as not to become stagnant, because I thick complacency of doing the same thing over and over will show in my work. I want to remain fresh and excited each time I enter my studio! I hope you will follow aloing with me on my journey!

My Process

Transparent Watercolor,  Acrylic & Oil