transparent watercolors & oils

Geri Medway NWS, WWW


San Clemente Center for the Arts

1531 N Camino Real - San Clemente

Register Online  949.369.6603

Questions?: gem4art or call 949-458-1849

“Painting the Symphony of Nature”  Sat & Sun Sept 30, Oct 1 - 10-3pm $250

(suggested for intermediate students)

Painting Nature's Symphony – a harmonious composition using colors and light. Instead of musical notes for our symphony we'll paint clouds or moving water, rushing streams, or glowing shadows or sun kissed objects. We'll be using many techniques as a way of interpreting the beauty of nature such as creating texture with salt, dry brush, spattering, spraying water into damp pigment, etc. We may also start by painting our darkest value first, creating drama and visual excitement! This often helps us to not “over paint” which might happen when we use too many values.

I'll have 2 photo references for you to paint, your choice. I'll demo one, each day. You may bring your own reference if you wish and apply what is learned in class.

Geri Medway is a Signature Member of NWS and WW and a 16 year exhibitor at The Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach. She has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has conducted workshops locally as well as in Limoux, France. Walter Foster Publishing has published “Step by Step Watercolor with Geri Medway,” and she is also included in 3 other Foster publications, and “Art of the American West”. You can visit her work at Laguna North Gallery, Laguna Beach. Her love of the medium has led her to receiving numerous awards for her ability to paint with remarkable vibrancy and spirit, showing her love of Nature and her quest of painting “light.”

(Images shown are to illustrate content of the workshop and not necessarily what will be painted.)